Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Kafkas Curse

What I fail to understand is why intelligent and reasonable people , tend to defend themselves when they are confronted with absolutely inappropriate behaviour or unjustified accusations. A lot of blog articles from authors I do admire, deal with situations in which they were confronted with plain idiots.
Usually they end up writing articles like lawbook or social behaviour studies, to justify their behaviour, as if they would seek for reception of us readers to tell them, that hey are indeed right. While in fact, there is no doubt about the fact, that they are right.

I called it Kafkas Curse, because I had a similar feeling, when I was forced to read Kafka. Kafka used to write a story every evening, most of these stories dealt with situations he had gone through during his day. Although I would never dare to say, that those bloggers have a similar Kafkaesque feeling, they share the aspect of uncertainty about their behaviour.

Today Tamarinds Idiot Incident is a good example. Tamarind joined a dungeon group where someone complained, about not being healed to full health in a hectic situation. Since the complainer was able to heal himself, his complaint was not justified in any way.

The idiot started arguing that Tamarind wasn’t taking the healers role serious, what actually made Tamarind writing a brilliant article about social demands on a job, which raised the usual question in me, why someone with such bright writing skills, is such a poor and easy inflammable chatter…

That guy was very likely bored and tried to excites Tamarind.
Another possibility could be, that he was just trying to learn roles and his defensive mechanisms went up, because he saw a threat to the way he considered roles to be done.
A hint that he was learning his roles could be, that he mentioned to heal everybody when he was on his Healer. Since his actual character was capable of healing himself and even other, it implemented that he ignored that aspect, probably because he wasn’t still feeling comfortable in the DDs role.
Learning different roles enables us to move freely between those. When you try to find your role, you usually stick with it as close as possible until you feel yourself comfortable enough to move out of it. That's what happened with that Kid, he was still in the situation were he needed to separate those roles, and confronted Tamarind.

The Kids reaction is similar to those finding their sexual identity according to Freud. Someone with a set sexual identity will very likely be able to make jokes about himself being of a different orientation for instance. While somebody who desperately tries to avoid anything that could somehow imply he has another orientation is probably still trying to convince himself.

Leaving our Freund Freud behind and looking back at Tamarinds justification, it still misses the most relevant fact: because common sense makes looking for yourself imperative.

With all that said, the best answers to this problem were given by a colleague and my girlfriend.

“Never argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.”
“The tragedy of life is, that the wise are full of doubts, while the ignorants are totally convinced.”

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